Used to be a smokers but now I’m a vapers, even though for the second hand smokers (the one who doesn’t put smoke inside his/her lungs at all) there is not much of a differences between these two types of inhaling – exhaling habit but for a vapers there are tons of positive health progress compared to smoking conventional cigarettes.

I’ve been Tar Free 11078686_1401644326821951_1467184403_nsince the end of July 2015. 29th of July to be precise. Electronic Cigarettes has become my alternate solution to quit cancer stick, yes! Right now after a total stop of consuming those blasphemy sticks my sense of taste is improving, I don’t easily become out of breath when I’m going up& down staircase, I feel much more energize waking up from sleep in the morning, and last but not least I’m saving much more petty cash from “my used to be conventional cigs fund”. Of course, you’ll have to buy the devices for vaping 1st and it can be consider not cheap for some people, but after that it’s no more spending money for vaping device (except you’re a vaping device collector or something…hee hee). Vaping really save my life.

Before I spoke at length about vape/vaping or electronic cigarettes… Here, take a peek at some videos I’ve gathered & archived about the infamous “cancer stick” in my country; peoples opinion, how the culture adapt, how it’s a common practice.

VICE on HBO S01E07: Addiction

Sex, Lies & Cigarettes: Vanguard Sneak Peek

The Tobacco Conspiracy

1 Global Health Crisis In The Making!!!

To Be Concluded…

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