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A Word Puzzle Will Free Your Mind

I’ve received a “Broadcast Message” on my  BlackBerry™ and the content is:

Fill in the blanks:
1. Boo_s
2. _ _ndom
3. F_ _ k
4. P_ n_s
5. Pu_s_

Ahhh…It’s a word game…a puzzle…woohoo \o/

At first I was not too interested to follow the instructions & play this word puzzle (got some errands to do), but then…

l felt challenged and my brain tells me: “Common’ think man! Does your brain only filled with dirty words, wash the words man!” LOL

So…I did it!

Here are my answers:
1. Boots
2. Random
3. Folk
4. Pinus
5. Pulse

Anda guess what? My answers was not bad after all, because the true answers are:
1. Books
2. Random
3. Fork
4. Pants
5. Pulse

Well, it’s just a word puzzle (psycho test) after all. Things to do when you have spared time but it can lecture you and make you think “out side the box” ;b

Can you do better? Can you pushed your brain to think and find other words? Let’s see..FREE YOUR MIND

Free Your Mind

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