『I ♥ Coffee』 Tips & Tricks

Everyday (starts on 6 a.m. GMT +9):
lv. 1 – lv. 19 = 100 taps (33 neighbors)
lv. 20 – lv. 29 =150 taps (50 neighbors)
lv. 30 – lv. 39 = 200 taps (66 neighbors)
lv. 40 – lv. 49 = 250 taps (83 neighbors)
lv. 50 – lv. 59 = 300 taps (100 neighbors)
lv. 60 = 300 taps (100 neighbors) << What??!? Only 100?? C’mon PATI, we want more!

Disclaimer: From lv. 1 ~ lv. 9 if you have 33 neighbors.

『I ♥ Coffee』 ((( Speed Leveling )))

3 examples from 3 types of coffee beans, 1 hour scale with 4 roasting machines. Your Choice!

  1. Brazil Santos • total gain exp → 2exp + 3exp = 5exp
  2. Mexico Altura • Total gain exp → 5exp + 3exp = 8exp
  3. Costarica Tarrazu • Total gain exp → 18exp + 3exp = 21exp

Brazil Santos • 0,75 minutes, in 1 hour we can roast 80× (more less). 80 * 5 exp = 400 exp. 400 exp * 4 machines = 1600 exp/hour (more less)

Mexico Altura • 5 minutes, in 1 hour we can roast 12× (more less). 12 * 8 exp = 96 exp. 96 exp * 4 machines = 384 exp/hour (more less)

Costarica Tarrazu • 1 hour 1 time roasting. 1 * 21 exp = 21 exp. 21 exp * 4 machines = 84 exp/hour

Roast Brazilian Santos at your own risk, roasting Brazilian Santos may cause more quick battery drain for your handheld, sore eyes and get scolded by your love ones, no doubt! Speeding up your I ♥ Coffee level equals having low stock of coffee beans, don’t speed up if you’re trying to stock your coffee beans.

Read more about gaining EXP on I Love Coffee here

『I ♥ Coffee』 Quests that you can do in-a-row

Click Here

『I ♥ Coffee』 speed up your help request (quest)

Just select 1 of your none 『I ♥ Coffee』 player friend from the list (those whom do not have coffee icon on their ava) and your help request will be instantly approved. To be noticed! → You’ll be sending an 『I ♥ Coffee』 game invitation via LINE chat to that friend.

『I ♥ Coffee』 speedup your tap on guest quest

Tired of tapping on guest? None of your guest said the right words you’re looking? Try entering the buy menu then back to your café again, you’ll see that the guest are all new. You can begin tapping those guests again ^_^


guests can give you the same words again and again until they leave your café, try mixing entering the buy menu and mass tap on those guests to fulfill your quest.

It is always best to save and keep your coffee beans gift from Emily, you know…the gifts you get when you received 10 clover leafs from your neighbors. Those coffee beans will come in handy when you are told to acquire more roasted coffee beans on a quest. By the time that quest come knocking on your door, you’ll be passing those quest in no time at all. Tee Hee! 😉

Clover Gifts

pssstt! it’s secretly known that some I Love Coffee players have made dummy/clone IDs just to send clovers to their main I Love Coffee account 😀

『I ♥ Coffee』 Barista Test
Having short term memories? Can’t remember all recipes in 10 seconds? Can’t ace the barista test? Try to snap the recipes given by the judges/examiner with a camera (it’s common nowadays that all smart phones have camera right! ^^). If you don’t have two devices, Just borrow one from your friend and/or your love ones, you’ll be passing all the barista test with A++ score! ^^

Icon - Barista TestPsstt! Sometimes you DO NOT have to complete a barista test, an unfinished barista test might come in handy in the near future quest, trust me! 😉
Failing in barista quest count as taking a barista quest, you can repeat taking barista test with out having to make thousand portions of coffee/tea. This tips can’t work if you have to pass a barista quest.

When you find a quest that tell you to spend coins/golds to make sidedishes (and if you are already rich on 『I ♥ Coffee』) just make the most expensive sidedishes you have then trash it soon after you make them. You’ll be passing the quest in no time at all.

When you are doing the “do the street charm” quest, sometimes it tells you to do it more than 5 times or even 10 times. Just choose the wrong answers at the first chance you get. You’ll be passing this quest in a jet!

『I ♥ Coffee』 tons of coffee beans in storage

There are several ways you can do to have tons of coffee beans in your storage. These are some of it:

When it comes to tons of coffee beans, you can pile up your roasted coffee beans in storage, don’t sell coffee (yeah right! Ha!), The “TOP THREE” number one coffee beans producers are: Brazilian Santos, Mexican Altura, and Indonesian Mandheling.

Revive 01Reviving all (in your dormant neighbor’s café) is always the best way to gain tons of coffee beans, but you have to be quick on this one because other I Love Coffee players can visit “that dormant” neighbor too. Take note on who are your dormant neighbors, make priority visit every day and aim for “Revive All” on that dormant neighbors. As far as I know the “Revive All” will vanish after 5 (or six) neighbors visit and tap the “Revive All” button, so that means the seventh (or eight) person who visited “that dormant neighbor” won’t get the opportunity to “Revive All”. Just remember the day start at 6 a.m. (GMT +9) on I Love Coffee LINE 😉 Aribaaa Andaleeee~ Revive 03 (P.S. “Revive All” won’t give you any EXP gain, but it sure give you all the coffee beans you needed to gain EXP)

Save coffee beans gift from Emily (inside your gifts storage), this will come in handy when it comes to get tons of coffee beans.

Make the full benefit on inviting your “non-I Love Coffee-player”, for each person you invite will get you 30 coffee beans bonus and it goes right into your storage. But remember some people don’t like to get game invitation each & every day, be prepare to get scolded (or blocked) when you do this type of gaining coffee beans method.
Hey, why don’t you add some of the LINE IDs here, I’m sure they won’t mind. (don’t tell anyone tho’ but most of them are online shops and blanks/dummies)

Buy coffee beans with your green! $$$ kaching! (I don’t recommend this for thrifty I Love Coffee players like me) :D~

『I ♥ Coffee』 EXP For Leveling Up
[Level 01 ~ Level 10]

  • Lv. 01 Exp ~ 25
  • Lv. 02 Exp ~ 60
  • Lv. 03 Exp ~ 70
  • Lv. 04 Exp ~ 80
  • Lv. 05 Exp ~ 90
  • Lv. 06 Exp ~ 100
  • Lv. 07 Exp ~ 160
  • Lv. 08 Exp ~ 250
  • Lv. 09 Exp ~ 380
  • Lv. 10 Exp ~ 520
[Level 11 ~ Level 20]

  • Lv. 11 Exp ~ 880
  • Lv. 12 Exp ~ 1210
  • Lv. 13 Exp ~ 1750
  • Lv. 14 Exp ~ 2500
  • Lv. 15 Exp ~ 3639
  • Lv. 16 Exp ~ 4790
  • Lv. 17 Exp ~ 5999
  • Lv. 18 Exp ~ 7392
  • Lv. 19 Exp ~ 9102
  • Lv. 20 Exp ~ 10992
[Level 21 ~ Level 30]

  • Lv. 21 Exp ~ 13100
  • Lv. 22 Exp ~ 14800
  • Lv. 23 Exp ~ 15800
  • Lv. 24 Exp ~ 18100
  • Lv. 25 Exp ~ 19841
  • Lv. 26 Exp ~ 22000
  • Lv. 27 Exp ~ 23500
  • Lv. 28 Exp ~ 26000
  • Lv. 29 Exp ~ 29000
  • Lv. 30 Exp ~ 30800
[Level 31 ~ Level 40]

  • Lv. 31 Exp ~ 33800
  • Lv. 32 Exp ~ 36000
  • Lv. 33 Exp ~ 39000
  • Lv. 34 Exp ~ 41800
  • Lv. 35 Exp ~ 45700
  • Lv. 36 Exp ~ 49000
  • Lv. 37 Exp ~ 53000
  • Lv. 38 Exp ~ 58000
  • Lv. 39 Exp ~ 63000
  • Lv. 40 Exp ~ 67810
[Level 41 ~ Level 50]

  • Lv. 41 Exp ~ 73500
  • Lv. 42 Exp ~ 79000
  • Lv. 43 Exp ~ 86000
  • Lv. 44 Exp ~ 92000
  • Lv. 45 Exp ~ 99800
  • Lv. 46 Exp ~ 107000
  • Lv. 47 Exp ~ 117000
  • Lv. 48 Exp ~ 131000
  • Lv. 49 Exp ~ 150000
  • Lv. 50 Exp ~ 160000
[Level 51 ~ Level 60]

  • Lv. 51 Exp ~ 175000
  • Lv. 52 Exp ~ 191000
  • Lv. 53 Exp ~ 209000
  • Lv. 54 Exp ~ 228000
  • Lv. 55 Exp ~ 249000
  • Lv. 56 Exp ~ 271000
  • Lv. 57 Exp ~ 295000
  • Lv. 58 Exp ~ 321000
  • Lv. 59 Exp ~ 350000
  • Lv. 60 Exp ~ xxxxxx

Hope This Useful & Happy Coffee Roasting ♣

cheers! :^)

ILC Team

  1. Nice tricks! 😁
    Have u seen the new quest Sakura’s zen cafe? In steps 3 we have to buy 2 zen cafe bonsais which costs 15 cashes each.
    So, if i dont have enough cash to buy i cant finish the quest & wont get the gift? So i have to buy cash?
    How cruel… Give us quests that only can be finish if we buy the cash… 😰

    • some of my ILC friends also having the same problem with you Mellisa :\ (including me)

      guess we can only relate to leveling up our beverages level and/or side-dishes (lv. 3 = 1 cash, lv. 5 = 2 cash)

      PATI is good with “forcing inpatient” ILC player rite >.<

  2. Yeah… Forcing our inpatient so we are tempted to buy the cash 😣

  3. They changed the quest! YAY! 😃

    • lol, they’re soooo indecisive with 3/10 Sakura ZEN Cafe lol, PATI ohhh PATI…pity! I wonder if they will give the cash back to the players whom already bought 2 bonsai trees just now x))

  4. If I may, I like to add another trick:

    If a quest asks you to tap special type of guest (gray hair or pink ponytails, etc), what you need to do is: try to move your interior but then just click back. by doing so, the composition of the guests will be changed. you just need to keep doing so until the specific guest shows, then tap them. repeat the course until you fulfill the required taps of the quest.

    HTH :))

    • thanks for the input ^^ already covered that at:
      『I ♥ Coffee』 speedup your tap on guest quest

      thank you again, don’t hesitate to give more tips & tricks here, sure is nice to know a fellow ILC players


  5. Lol… Luckily I didnt buy the bonsai trees yet. I just decided not to finish the quest & gave up. 😝 good things come to those who wait.

    • Amen to that x))
      I haven’t bought that bonsai tree too lol. But PATI already made an announcement that they are going to return all the cash that have been used to bought 2 bonsai trees today :D~

  6. Good then. It it’s going to be a real troublesome for PATI 😅

  7. Do you know how to start a new game?

  8. I’m currently level 27 on my file but I would like to start from LV 1 again 🙂 How would I do that?

    • 1. By deleting your LINE acc.
      2. By creating new acc. (other LINE acc.) to start over.

      Caution! If you delete ur LINE acc. Then all of your contacts, data base, & installed/downloaded LINE stickers will be lost.


  9. How to get a special guest. I’m lvl 14 now. thanks

    • Just wait for the new special guest to pass by your coffee shop (there will be a pop-up notification letting you know that a special guest is passing by). Then tap on the special guest and choose the correct convos 3 times. You have to repeat talking to the speacial guest around 8 times before he/she become regular in your coffee shop ☺


    What should I do if there is a quest about “have exactly 25000 coffee beans in storage” if in my storage only can 7000 coffee beans. I’m level 24.. thanks

    • Buy more coffee beans storage table until your coffee beans storage limit exceed 25000. I suggest you get the most expensive you can buy.

      Or if you have ILC cash, you always can buy all kinds of Coffee Beans Sack, Coffee Beans Container, Coffee Beans Barrel, Etc. Etc. from ILC Shop


  11. my sister coffee can’t take barista test, so it’s stuck on test level 2 to level 3. what should we do? already re-install the app, still the same.

  12. hi i would like to ask how to do the ice machine quest? i go to tap coffee roaster and maker in friend’s cafe but just come out to ask me buy the machine?

  13. Hello,
    I have a problem with the quest about the choco sticks. I have to tap on staff in friends cafes to give trem choco stick as a present, but i have no choco sticks, there is no symbol over the heads o the staff and when I tab on them, nothing happens.
    Could anyone help me please?

  14. Im on level 27 now.. how to makr customers to say ‘Love it!’? I have tried many many times on different kinds of customers.. but none of them worked T^T

    • When I was on that kind of quest, I tap all the guest that are sitting. When you’ve found the guest that said ‘Love It!’ just tap on that guest over and over again until the desired number of taps achieved.
      Entering the buy menu (store) and back again will reset the sitting guests inside our coffee shop, you should try it 😉

  15. To the previous question about the choco sticks, you do NOT need to already have choco sticks to complete it. Just go to a friend’s cafe and tap on the staff to complete the quest. You are only giving a “sample” so there is no need to have choco sticks in stock in inventory! DON’T waste cash on the choco sticks unless you want more chances for the special items!

    Also, are there any tips on getting special customers (I.e. Smart Girl) to request coffee or say “Hi!” more often? I need it for the last quest and today’s choco stick quest and am just waiting.

    • Dear Corinne,

      Thank you for the enlightenment about the choco sticks 🙂

      About the frequency of Special Guest’s Convos until now I still don’t have any clue, but some ILC players tell me this: having lots of special guest’s items seems to boost the “Hi” the “!?” and the “Special Order” Give it a try and let me know if it’s working 😉


  16. Nino,

    Thanks! 🙂 I tried that but didn’t notice a difference. My friend recommended putting favorite drinks in the cafe (I.e. Café Americano for Private Sam) but I don’t know if that works.

    I’ve noticed that if your friend helps by tapping on special customers in your café, if you don’t tap them to accept the help and wait 2+ hours it increases the chances of getting “Hi!” or “?!”. I guess there is no easy way to get it, just have to ask friends for help and wait :/

    • Yes Corinne I think your friend is right, altho’ there are no official announcement from the game, putting special guest fave drinks sometimes become a magnet to a particular special guest…hee hee…

      It’s not just “holding up” neighbor’s tap on special guest. If you ignore the “Hi!” the “?!” and the “special order” I often experience continuously “Hi!” the “?!” and the “special order” from one special guest 😉

  17. Hi, may I know what will happen when I fail a barista test. I have a quest that ask me to take four barista tests. Like you said take barista test doesn’t mean have to pass the test. So can I fail the barista test and take it again and continue doing so until I finish the test? But I think they will ask my gold or cash to retake the test is it?

    • Hi WonderEyes,

      When you fail a barista test (the whole barista test) you only have a no level up on the coffee.

      What I wrote above on the tips & tricks is when you’re facing quest https://n9neo.wordpress.com/games/i-love-coffee/quests/barista-artist/ as you can see on the 1st</sup? step we have to take a barista test and on the 2nd step we have to pass a barista test, then they repeat again in step 3, step 5, step 7, step 8, step 9. Can you imagine if in each step we have to complete the criteria? o__O

      About the 3000 ILC golds (and cash, I forgot the requirement amount of cash here) to start over a test is when you are doing 1 single step inside a barista test, it’s different. There, hope you understand what I’m trying to say, Cheers and Good Luck on the barista test WonderEyes 😉

  18. If I fail my whole level 3 barista test for ice mocha latte, means I will not have the chance to go for level 4 anymore?

  19. https://n9neo.wordpress.com/games/i-love-coffee/quests/barista-artist/

    And for this quest it’s really hard. How to take five barista test and then the next quest ask you to pass two test. Means have to have seven barista test? I don’t really understand your tips and tricks 😦 sorry
    Can you please explain in more details? Sorry :/ and thank you very much.

  20. I’m doing European barista quest. https://n9neo.wordpress.com/games/i-love-coffee/quests/european-barista/

    6/7 I have to take 4 barista test on iced drink. Once I have complete this I have to pass two barista test on iced drink. May I know how to apply your tricks here? Thanks in advanced!

    • When you’re told to “take” barista test, don’t pass the barista test, just take the test then choose wrong items, wrong glass/cups, wrong amount of esspresos, wrong cc of milk, etc. until you’ve fail. It will count as taking a test. Don’t finish the test. In you case, you have to fail the test 4 times. There hope you complete the quest soon ^__^)9 Good luck!

  21. Thank you very much, Nino! 😀

  22. Hi…
    Few day ago, the maintenance went and repairing stuff again in the game.
    So you would not be able to log in right?!
    Anyway, once they finished the maintenance the language in my game changed from English to Korean.
    Now I could not understand a word of it… is there a way to change it back?
    So my question would be ‘How do you change from Korean language to English language?’

    • Hi, Clear all the ILC data from your device. If you’re using android it should be located at settings → applications → LINE I Love Coffee

      Then re’download all the ILC data again, it will change the Korean lang back to English again. Good luck ^__^)9

  23. Can i move my current ILC data to my new device?
    I’m afraid someday, my device is taken damaged

    • Sure you can move your current ILC data to a new divice, just install LINE app. and Login to your LINE account (the one you’re using to play ILC now) to that new device. Then after installing I Love Coffee LINE on the new device too, you can play ILC with your current ILC data.

  24. Hi Nino

    In the quest ” A hot cup of coffee, it” requires to sell Syrupy Hot Peppermint Latte which is not available in the drinks menu. Pls help!

  25. In the quest hot cup of coffee, we’re supposed to ask kind warmed up friend For help to operate various machines. How do we do that please?

  26. Ok!! I think my game was not updating but now I got it!! Thanks and have fun playing!

  27. Hi Nino

    Thank you for your clue. Hope it is not too late to wish you Happy New Year!

    • Hello Wendy,

      So nice of you to drop by. Thank you for visiting and posting a comment. Happy New Year! Smooth sailing for you and your love ones this 2014, Cheers! ^__^)9

  28. hi . how can i get cats wavy pigtails ( hair style ) 😦 i saw them in my friends cafe but i dont know how to get it

  29. Hi Nino

    In the mission “listen to indieband vocal singing & collect scraves”, after tapping Indieband in my friends’ cafe countless times, still cant get the scarves. Appreciate if you could help.


    • Hi Wendy,

      Actually you don’t have to tap only Indieband Vocal, Just tap on special guests, since there are no rules that says only Indieband Vocal will give us scarves. Also ask you neighbor to tap on your special guest, hopefully the special guests inside your coffee shop will give you Indieband Vocalist’s scarf ^__^) Good Luck!

  30. kak permisi mau tanya,kan aku main i love coffe di laptop pake aplikasi bluestack. waktu belajar buat americano coffekan harus nuang air di cangkir. itukan kalau di hpkan di miringin ke kanan kalau pakai laptop gak bisa nuangnya. apa ada cara lain buat nuanginnya

    • Pakai program key mapping utk layar monitor PC/Laptop, ada bnyk (bisa browsing di google keywords nya: “key mapping program for PC”) salah satu program key mapping yg saya tau namanya Aurora bisa diunduh di sini: http://goo.gl/JzDmAo (besar file nya skitar 4,5MB)

      Maaf tapi untuk tutorial how to dan proses instalasi Aurora nya tidak akan saya jabarkan di sini ya, ada banyak master di dunia maya yang bisa lebih baik menjelaskan nya, tinggal search aja (googling).

      Perlu saya tambahkan sedikit, I Love Coffee di bluestacks memang sangat menyenangkan dan cukup mudah tapi yah kepentok di proses tuang liquid nya ya lols, saya sudah coba bermain I Love Coffe di Bluestacks dengan menggunakan Aurora dan berjalan dengan baik tapi besar kuantitas liquid dalam sekali tuang tidak sesuai dengan yang diharapkan. Proses penuangan liquid nya dihitung per mili liter. Berbeda jauh dengan proses penuangan liquid apabila kita menggunakan handheld.
      Contoh: utk mencapai jumlah 30cc liquid kita akan membutuhkan waktu sekitar kurang lebih setengah jam (kira kira). Dahsyat kan! Haha…Lama banget!

      Dicoba saja kalau misal nya penasaran, dan kalau mas Andre menemukan program key mapper yg lebih baik dari pada Aurora saya mohon kesudian nya untuk membagikan nya juga di sini, terimakasih banyak sebelum nya dan…

      Good Luck! Happy Coffee Roasting ^__^)v

  31. ini udah basi kak make aurora 2. iya lama tapi gpp demi main i love coffe 😀 makasi ya kak,eh ada trik cara dapet gold yang cepet tolong pencerahannya

    • Nah itu tnyt udh lbh tau cara nya pake Aurora 2. Terimakasih kembali. Uhmmm kl utk dptin golds yg cepet paling ya jual kopi paling mahal yg dimiliki dan punya stok coffee beans yg bnyk buat jualan kopi. (Begitu jg dgn side dish)

    • boleh tanya ga cara pakai aurora 2 buat nuang air nya gimana binggung thanks ya…

      • Wah kurang rekomendasi deh kl utk game ILC di bluestacks pake Aurora. Sy sendiri blm coba lagi ya Aurora 2, tp wkt itu Aurora 1 “it takes forever” hanya utk tuang 30cc air/susu/coffee x_x

  32. oow makasi kak infonya minta id linenya dong 😀

  33. Hi! Can u teach me if the quest ask me to use special conversation to my regular customer to take Christmas present?how to do?

  34. kak request dong,street carmnya special guest.

  35. But in my game it show me I still hv 9 days chance to finish the question, can u let me know.pls!

  36. tolong tanya bagaimana cara expand area tanpa menggunakan cash?


  37. kak,Psstt! Sometimes you DO NOT have to complete a barista test, an unfinished barista test might come in handy in the near future quest, trust me! 😉
    Failing in barista quest count as taking a barista quest, you can repeat taking barista test with out having to make thousand portions of coffee/tea. This tips can’t work if you have to pass a barista quest. maksudnya gimana

  38. Is there a way of earning cash without actually buying it? I mean, I love this game, but it’s just a game. It’s not worth expending real money on it. Is there a way? Or a trick? Or a cheat at least? Lol

    • As far as I know there is no way to manipulate/cheat the amount of ILC cash that we have (and/or earn from the game). The only way to earn extra ILC cash (besides the ILC cash we’ll get from quests & leveling up our menus) is by buying them, lol #kaching

  39. With side dishes you mean sandwiches? With the toaster? Because I can’t use that without cash 😥

  40. Hum, I cant find where to take the barista test. I wonder where the icon might be

  41. I’m toldi can open a third café when I reached level 35 but it doesn’t look like I can buy it??

  42. Tips to increasing decor points to expand — besides removing everything you can. What items are best to reach 1480?

  43. Have any of you tried the item mixer yet? I’m so curious about it… Is it worth it? Cause every time I get near to save the amount of money needed, I expend it in something else lol.
    Has any one bought it yet?

    • Yes, I have. There are two type of item mixer (I bet you already know that) the normal item mixer and the cash item mixer. It is necessary to have 1 (or two) item mixer to complete the new quest.

  44. Oh yeah I get that. I just wonder if it is worth saving 100.000 what does the item mixer do? If you have items stored it changes them into better things? Something like that?

    • Yes, something like that 🙂
      But it depends on luck too~ (the mixing results I mean). Most of my ILC neighbors only get coffee beans after mixing the items, some times it’s wallpaper (both exterior or interior), but some of them get grand piano and harps too~ hee hee.

      We have to choose which items we want to mix wisely.

  45. What is Up with the Renew everything option? I can’t get beans and coins for almost all of my inactive I love coffee friends. I had been getting something like 25,000 beans a day. This has really slowed me down.

    I hope they go back to the old way soon.

    • What really happen Doug? My “revive all” neighbors still doing their job perfectly. For now I get 500 gold and 2000 beans per revive all on 1 of my non-active ILC neighbor

  46. Also Nino C., I like your blog very much. thanks for compiling all this useful information!

  47. The only inactive neighbor that gives me revive beans now is someone who is in my LiNe friend list. All of the inactive neighbors I added from within ILC (Live Friends) don’t give the option to revive at all. I can click three times for a few beans, but that’s it.

    I think I will report this to Naver and see what they say…

    • Ah yes, same here…the inactive live friends are not giving revive all anymore :s

      Hey let me know what PATI games says when they reply, thank you my friend 🙂

  48. Im having the same problem about the new Revive system. Hope they fix it soon! 🙂

  49. I asked if the 300 gold/500 bean reward will be returning for Live Friends, maybe at the end of the special promotion.

    This is what they replied, basically what we know already– I guess this is the new normal, and I need to get used to making slower progress.


    Thank you for playing “LINE I Love Coffee”.

    If you help a friend who hasn’t logged into the game more than 2 days, you will receive 2000 coffee beans.

    However, the amount of coffee beans you will receive depends on your current bean storage capacity.

    If the problem still remains after reading the above, we would be grateful if you could provide us with the following information via the in-game inquiry form.

    ▼Information we need from you
    1) Date and time the problem occurred:
    (e.g. October 1, 2013, 14:00)
    2) Number of coffee beans you haven’t yet received:
    3) Anything else you noticed:

    If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us again via the inquiry form.

    Once again, thank you very much for taking the time to contact us, and we hope you continue to enjoy playing “LINE I Love Coffee” in the future.

    Kind regards,

    Yuko Yamakawa
    LINE GAME Support

  50. Do you have any tips for the cash item mixer/regular item mixer? I have gotten pretty much every item by now (from the regular one) except for the rares, but I’ve only been using cheap items around 5000-6000 gold max. When I put in three of the Romantic Heart Tea Candle items that are almost 400k gold each into the item mixer, the rare rate only goes up from .5 to .62% and the bean rate down from 50 to 47.07%. That’s hardly change for such expensive items. 😦

    • So sorry for the late response on your post, it’s because I’m trying to find an answer my self. It’s still a new thing so it seems like everyone is still trying to get the best (or the worse) percentage and archived their results them self. Hopefully you can came up with a great table and list of the items and their percentages also Verita hee hee 😀

  51. Have you ever buy cash in ILC?
    Do you know how to buy it?Sadly I dont have credit card…
    Is there any other way to buy cash…?

    • I never bought cash in ILC until now (don’t know if I’m willing to do that *buy ILC cash* in the future, I’m still thrifty lol)

      Where do you live Mei Mei? *if I may ask*
      Here in Indo we can buy ILC cash from a certain cell phone provider (the provider made collaboration with LINE App.) and all the provider user can buy ILC cash in exchange with their cell phone money ballance.

  52. Indonesia.
    Gan org Indonesia ternyata!
    Gmana gan caranya beli by provider?
    Tsel ya?

  53. Okayyy thank you infonya!

  54. How do you get more special guests to come? Higher deco points? I make favorite drinks all the time, doesn’t work. I have a lvl 25 friend whose cafe is already full of only special guests. How??

  55. Hi, do you know how to change language for IOS setting? I couldn’t change it. I wan to change to Chinese.

  56. apa yg harus dicampur pada item mixer agar mendapatkan hadiah yg bagus?
    soalnya slalu aja ngedapetin 100 beans walopilun yg di mix barang mahal

  57. Hi, aq cinta mati sama nieh game. Pertamakali aq main di indonesia dengan mudahnya log in ke cafe q. Tapi begitu aq pindah ke dubai selalu bermasalah. Jadi g bisa log in, selalu ada notification ” sorry there is a problem to log in, please wait before try it again” padahal line q masih bisa chat. Aq coba maen game2 line yg laen jg selalu keluar notification yg sama. Bisa tolong kasi info apa yg salah? Sempat kepikir di dubai di blokir game2 line. Tp line aq tetep aktif, apa karena aplikasi line q didaftarkan pake nomer indo jadi masih aktif, sedangkan game line tidak berfungsi di negara ini? Please help me. I wanna play this game soon. Thank u

    • Hmmm semua game LINE jd susah masuk ya? Sudah coba connect via wi-fi di sana? Atau bisa jd juga provider sim card nya, coba ganti kartu sim. Tapi sblm itu semua dilakukan, periksa list hidden dan blocked LINE friend kamu, kalau terlalu banyak bisa bikin loading game LINE lama/susah masuk. Di remove saja blocked friends nya 🙂 *just a suggestion*

      Hope it works, cheers!

      • Thank u info nya Nino, btw aq selalu pake wifi disini klo main. Ngga pernah pake sim card. Udah aq hapus beberapa blocked LINE friend. Thank u for the suggestion,
        Tapi tetep klo mau log in selalu keluar notification yg sama.
        Simcard buat LINE aq daftarkan pake simpati dan aq tinggal di indo. Wkt di indo main lancar2 aja. Udah 2 kali kejadian kyk gini. Yg tahun lalu anehnya di dubai masih bisa main hingga 6 bln lalu ke blokir bersamaan dgn LINE q jg mati. Kesimpulan wkt itu nomer indo q mati jadi Line mati y wajar klo game nya g bisa maen. Pikir q sich.
        Tapi bln lalu aq balik indo and buka pake wifi rumah lancar bisa main lagi.
        Udah aq register ulang LINE pake no indo and aq pastikan tetep aktif, alhasil balik ke sini malah jadi ke blokir gt game2 nya cuman bisa main seminggu doank. anehnya LINE q tetep aktif.
        Setahu q di dubai ini aplikasi yg memungkinkan untuk dating memang di blokir, tapi masa sich game begini di blokir? Dan klo diblokir line nya, kenapa line q masih aktif padahal aq connect nya pake wifi sini.
        Frustasi jadinya. Hiks.

  58. jika ditulis spend 400.000gold in rattan item, boleh beli cash 41 rattan exterior item?
    thank you

    • Kalau tertulis spend gold or cash in … item, berarti boleh. Biasanya disebutkan nominal cash nya yg harus di spend utk complete quest yg jenis sperti itu 🙂

  59. How do I know when is the right time to visit my friends? I need to finish “tap on special guests in your friends’ s cafe” please help!!

    • Just tap on your neighbor’s special guest (the one with a pink *red* gift box icon on top of his/her head), you don’t need a particular timing to visit.

  60. Does not iced peppermint latte consider as latte drinks?
    why the Barista Test quest does not count?

    • Can you describe more on your question? Iced peppermint latte doesn’t count in which quest?

    • In barista, artist? I actually try the pepermint latte, not iced pepermint latte, and it worka in pass barista test.. in take barista test, only latte drinks in white glass that count *sorry 4 bad english

  61. Hi there!
    Thanks for all your tutorials and information about I Love Coffee! there’s a lot of useful tips for all the players of I Love Coffee :).
    I wanted to ask you if you give me permission to translate to Spanish some of your post and publish them in my blog in Spanish of I love coffee? of course, I’ll link and give all the credits to you and your blog.
    PD: My blog in Spanish of I Love Coffee: amoelcafe-line.blogspot.com

    • Hi Valentine, thank you for visiting & comenting here on my blog. Sure thing Valentine, ofcourse!! I’ll add your spanish blog on my neighbors link too~ vamos nessa 😉

  62. HI
    Is it you once purchase cash in this game?
    If do, may I know the purchase finally will deduct from our phone account or will lead us to the page that make payment (through credit card etc)?

    I saw the massage box [wait until transaction finish]
    I dare not to press….

    • Hi, sorry I can’t help with your question. Until now I haven’t purchase cash at ILC. But if I may give you a suggestion, try to have a good internet connection before you made an in game purchase. Oh, and what is your method of payment? Via phone credits or credit cards?

  63. Mas.. saya mau nanya kalo pake item mix kok sering kurang beruntung ya dapetnya100beans melulu. Caranya biar dpt barang harus nge mix apa yaa? Thankyouuuu

    • Belum ada metode yg benar² 100% bisa dijadikan patokan utk kita bisa mendapatkan items yang rare. Semua nya probabilitas, tapi beberapa teman/tetangga di ILC ku sering mencoba dgn mix ubin dan wallpaper yg paling murah, dicoba saja…kadang mereka (tmn tmn ku itu) dpt piano dan items rare lhooo~ 😀

  64. Hi dear Nino ^_^
    Well since yesterday Indonesia time, i can not log in to ILC. I read that ILC do some maintenance. But till now i still can not to, it just loading 😦 any issue about this?
    Tank you for your wonderful page 🙂

    • Hi Rania, thank you for visiting and your nice words~ it means alot!
      So sorry for the super duper late response, been caught up in works. My page is far from wonderful, you’re too kind to say that >_<
      The new (and forth coming) ILC's updates will be needing massive internet connection, I suggest you connect to a stable internet connection. Preferably a good wi-fi connection when updating ILC. Cheers!

  65. Billy Crystal

    I am level 15 and I have a special guest, she is the Smart Girl. From yesterday, she always stay in my cafe. But the next day the Smart Girl is gone. I don’t know why she isn’t in my cafe. Can you help me?

  66. How can I ‘move’ my I luv coffee from my old phone to my new phone with a Different number?

    • You have to sync your LINE account with an email address and/or an facebook account before you can change device and bring all of your game content to that other new device.

  67. Farel Synyster

    Iya Nino, kmaren” sih sempat nyoba” pake ubin sama wllpper yg murah , ternyata dapet kursi sama lamp 😀

  68. Farel Synyster

    Thank’s ya Gan.. 😀

  69. Hello, quest is to tap on customers stretching arms in the air. Level 20. Have not seen any such acts since start of the game and have been stareing at the screen for two days for this quest. Please help! Thanks!

    • Hello, at first I’ve found this quest a little hard too, but it gets easier you know. You already doing the right thing by staring at your coffee shop guests, just have to find the right timing to tap a guest who raise both of his/her hands, it happen a little quick so you best be ready to tap. Sorry I can’t help you more, hope you get the quest done soon ^__^)

  70. Tap all of the customers, sometimes they are raising your hands but you don’t realize it.

  71. Hi, I’m already on level 35, but I never found out, what the “experise” of the Staff members means, or how far it helps to get them on a higher level with buying expencive clothes.
    I hope someone can help me. THX!

    • You mean ‘expertise’ right? Every day when we logged in to ILC all of our staff ‘expretise’ will rise, that’s what the game want when you get a quest to rise stadd expertise..just log in daily to ILC ^_^

      • Ah, yes, makes sense. Hmm, I should have been able to figure that out my self -.-°.
        Thanks a lot!

  72. Does anyone have some experiences with the “Luxury Machine Cabinet”? It seems really useful, otherwise it’s frightfully expencive, too. Could someone give me an advice?
    THX! ^_^

  73. It replaces a lot of the machines you need to make higher level drinks (milk frother, ice machine, etc.)

    However, if you already have higher level work tables and the machines, then it might not do you much good, other than tidying up your cafe. I think it’s ultimately a matter of personal style.

  74. Permisi mau nanya… saya di level 24 dan mau menyelesaikan quest 6/6 annie animal zoo cafe.. yg “complete roasting from coffee roaster tapped by firends” itu bgmn ya caranya? Trus sama quet yg disuruh “have been coffee bean storage 20000” sedangkan aq hnya muat smpe 13400… mohon pencerahannya ya.. trims

    • Silahkan…

      “complete roasting from coffee roaster tapped by firends” itu quest yg meminta kita utk selesei memanggang bijih kopi di panggangan bijih kopi yang sebelum nya sudah di tap oleh tetangga/teman kita.

      “have been coffee bean storage 20000″ itu quest yang meminta kita memperbesar kapasitas penyimpanan bijih kopi, solusinya ada bbrp cara salah 1 nya adalah membeli meja storage yang lbh mahal dan lebih besar daya tampung bijih kopi nya.

      Terimakasih kembali 🙂

  75. Hi. if I uninstall and reinstall the game, is the data going to be the same or I’ll go back to lvl1? because I’m now lvl35.

  76. lita hervitasari

    Nino. Tanya dong.
    Saya dapet quest yg “Complete roaster from coffee roasters tapped by friends” itu maksud nya gmn ya? Dan musti gmn?

    • Lita minta tetangga nya buat tap coffee roasters dulu deh ^^ baru setelah di’tap sama tetangga/temen ILC nya, nanti pas bijih kopi nya matang baru terhitung quest nya 🙂

  77. hello, i love play ILC and i then i found this blog . the informations are really good and useful . it’s helping me so much 🙂 thankyouu ! btw i often doesn’t have any coffee so i follow your advice to inviting my non ILC player but then my chats in line is full and i must delete it 1 by 1. so, do you how to inviting the non ILC players without make my chats full ? please help me. thankyou 🙂

  78. Hi Nino

    In quest ” In Need of Wi-Fi” 4/10, require to tap standing customer in the cafe complaining about wi-fi, I tapped every single customer but not failed. Pls help as I dont want to waste 3 cash to complete this quest. TQ!

  79. hello Nino^^
    aku main ILC dan udah di level 32 dan cukup kaget ketika menemukan owner blog ini ternyata org indonesia. hoho, infonya berguna banget.thank you^^

    oh, aku juga penasaran sama cash item mixer, ini alat buat apa ya? apa alat ini nge-mix barang dan menghasilkan cash atau justru hanya bisa nge-mix barang yg dibeli dengan cash? mohon pencerahannya ya, kalo misalnya kamu tahu kegunaan alat ini. kalo emang bener alat ini menghasilkan cash, aku berniat beli ^^

    • hello and thanks dazdev, wah udh level 32 keren ^^
      Mohon maaf tapi sy sdh lama tdk berkecimpung lagi di dunia ILC, tapi cukup senang krn tnyt pengarsipan sy dari dulu di ILC bnyk bisa membantu tmn tmn yg baru main ILC pada umum nya 🙂 Uhmmm kalau ttg cash item mixer trakhir main ILC sih rasa nya perlu krn bisa utk mixing items cash yg kita punya tapi bingung mau ditaro dmn (e.g. punya 2 item cash yg sama atau lebih).
      mohon maaf it takes too long for me to respond your comment, thanks again for visiting & commenting dazdev, cheers!

  80. Hi, I have a question. Some items can only be purchased at the Flagship store. Where is that Flagshipstore or do I have to achieve a higher level?

    Thanks a lot!

  81. Hello, I have a problem ;; do you know how to change language from Android? I did it by remove the data from settings > apps> ILC but when I start the game It’s like nothing happened, please help me!

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