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ah you are here, welcome! You must be an I ♥ Coffee player too rite? 😉

Me & some of my I ♥ Coffee friends have been archiving several of I ♥ Coffee quest that we encountered. As an active I ♥ Coffee player (until now) I do hope this post on my blog can help who ever you are out there on doing the quest, getting ready for the up coming quest and so on, have fun roasting coffee beans and serving those lattes guys, here are the quests…enjoy! ^^

2nd Café’s quests
Second Café
October 2013 – Daily QuestsOctober Daily
December 2013 – Daily QuestsDecember Daily


(in alphabetical order)

A Big-Hearted Coffee! [5 steps] (complete) A Book Signing? [8 steps] (complete) A Coffee To Remember [14 steps] (complete) A Competitor?! [16 steps] *special reward (complete)
A Girl From The Outer Space [1 step] (complete) A Great Challenge [6 steps] *special reward *event (complete) A Hot Cup Of Coffee [8 steps] *event Actress? NO! Musician! [1 step] (complete)
Afternoon Lull [11 steps] *special reward (complete) Aiming Higher [11 steps] (complete) Amazing Item Mixer! [3 steps] *special reward (complete) Annie’s Animal Zoo Café [6 steps] (complete)
Baked To Perfection [3 steps] (complete) Barista? Artist! [9 steps] (complete) Barista Mia! [1 step] (complete) Beans To Coffee [1 step] (complete)
Benchmark, Just A Little [11 steps] (complete) Bitter Sweet! [4 steps] (complete) Blender Fever [5 steps] (complete) Busy Morning [12 steps] (complete)
Catches The Eyes [3 steps] (complete) Charm The Streets! [1 step] (complete) Clean And Shiny [1 step] (complete) Climbing To The Top [10 steps] (complete)
Coffee Break [15 steps start from 1/15 end at 9/15] (complete) (continue to Happy Coffee Life!) Coffee Hearts Sidedishes [6 steps] (complete) Coffee Meets Ice [6 steps] (complete) Coffee Of The Year [4 steps] (complete)
Coffee Sensation! [5 steps] (complete) Coffee With Friends! [5 steps] *special reward (complete) Coffee, Bread And Barista [15 steps] (complete) Communicate! [1 step] (complete)
Critic’s Surprise Visit [15 steps] (complete)
Decoration King [Deco 30 ~ Deco 300] (complete) Decorations Necessary [2 steps start from 2/2] (complete) (continued from The Power Of Deco) Do Not Miss Breakfast! [9 steps] (complete) Do You Like Soccer? [5 steps]*special reward *event (complete)
Emily [1 step] (complete) European Barista [7 steps] (complete) Exquisite Balance [11 steps] (complete)
Far Yet Close [9 steps] (complete) Finding The Best Bean [9 steps] (complete) Frothy, Foamy Milk [3 steps] (complete)
Gabriel’s Delicate Friend [7 steps] (complete) Gabriel’s Party Invitation [19 steps start from 1/19 end at 4/19] (complete) (continue to Who’s Jay’s Friend) Gabriel’s Recipe [12 steps] (complete) Gabriel’s Request [36 steps start from 1/36 end at 9/36] (complete) (continue to Jay’s Best Coffee Ever)
Getting Friendly With Kate [19 steps start from 10/19 end at 14/19] (complete) (continue to Grandpa’s Gift) God Of Decorations [9 steps] (complete) Going Back To Basics [10 steps] *special reward (complete) Grandpa’s Acknowledgement [36 steps start from 28/36 end at 36/36] *special reward (complete) (continued from Training Staff With Kate!)
Grandpa’s Business Philosophy [11 steps] (complete) Grandpa’s Gift [19 steps start from 15/19 end at 19/19] (complete) (continued from Getting Friendly With Kate) Grrrr… Blend It Up! [9 steps] (complete)
Hand-Roasted Beans From Italia [5 steps] (complete) Happy Coffee Life! [15 steps start from 10/15 end at 15/15] (complete) (continue from Coffee Break) Happy Virus! [12 steps] (complete) Heartfelt Chocolate Sticks [10 steps] *special reward (complete)
I Am A Barista [4 steps] (complete) I Can Do Everything! [5 steps] (complete) I Love The Weekend! [7 steps] (complete) I Won’t Cry [9 steps] (complete)
Ice Machine! [4 steps] (complete) Icy-Cold Treats [7 steps] *event I’m Rich! With Beans! [4 steps] (complete) It’s Brunch Time! – [9 steps]
Jay’s Best Coffee Ever [36 steps start from 10/36 end at 18/36] (complete) (continue to Training Staff With Kate!) Jay’s Sophisticated Palette [9 steps] (complete)
Kate’s Special Person [7 steps] (complete) Kevin’s Flower Café [5 steps] (complete) King Of Decorations! [9 steps]
Let’s Be Famous! [4 steps] *special reward (complete) Let’s Clean! [10 steps] (complete) Let’s Do Some Baking! [3 steps] (complete) Let’s Get A Roaster! [1 step] (complete)
Like A Moviestar! [5 steps] Love At First Sight [4 steps] (complete) Love Is Soft Like Lattes [15 steps] (complete) Lunch+Dinner? Lunner! [9 steps] (complete)
Lyla’s Vintage Café [6 steps] (complete) 
Make With Mini Refrigerator [10 steps] (complete) Marie’s Versailles-Themed Café [9 steps] (complete) Meet the Roast Master [16 steps] Mini Refrigerator, Big Food [5 steps] (complete)
Old Memories [7 steps] (complete) Our Neighborhood’s Part-Time Miko [1 step] (complete) Oven Is All About Timing! [9 steps] (complete)
People At The Top Of Their Game [21 steps] (complete) Percy’s Animal-print Café [6 steps] *special reward (complete) Picky Customers? No Problem! [9 steps] Place Them In The Showcase! [4 steps start at 4/4 end at 4/4] (complete) (continued from Showcase In Need)
Princess Of Mykonos [1 step] (complete) Pro Barista, Someday [5 steps]
Rocky’s Log House Café – [9 steps] Ruby’s 5 – color Vintage Café [2 steps] (complete)
Sakura’s ZEN Café [10 steps] *special reward (complete) *event Sandwich Sauce Is The Key! [9 steps] (complete) Saving Private Sam [1 step] (complete) Scenery Out The Window [5 steps] (complete)
Shopping Entusiast! [5 steps] (complete) Show Me The Money! [4 steps] *special reward Showcase In Need [4 steps start at 3/4 end at 3/4] (complete) (continue to Place Them In The Showcase!) Sidedish? Of Course! [4 steps start from 1/4 end at 1/4] (complete) (continue to What A Toaster Can Do)
Small Decorations Count! [4 steps] (complete) Spirit Of Tea [4 steps] Staff At Your Fingertips [1 step] Studying Bean Roast [9 steps]
Style To Style [9 steps] Stylish Café! [9 steps] (complete) Sweet Cake Factory [9 steps] Syrup It is! [5 steps] (complete)
The Healing Café [10 steps] (complete) *event The More The Better [1 step] (complete) The Perfect Harmony Of Drink And Side Dish [11 steps] The Power Of Deco [2 steps start from 1/2 end at 1/2] (complete) (Continue to Decorations Necessary)
The Secret To Successful Sidedishes [10 steps] (complete) The Trend Leader! [10 steps] (complete) The World Of Sidedishes [6 steps] (complete) Tidy Staff [1 step] (complete)
To Be A Barista [6 steps] (complete) To The Beach! [5 steps] (complete) *event Training Staff With Kate! [36 steps start from 19/36 end at 27/36] (complete) (continue to Grandpa’s Acknowledgement)
Very Rare Coffee [3 steps] (complete)
We Are The Live Friends! [5 steps] (complete) *event What A Toaster Can Do [4 steps start from 2/4 end at 2/4] (complete) (continue to Showcase In Need) Who’s Getting The Orders [1 step] Who’s Jay’s Friend? [19 steps start from 5/19 end at 9/19] (complete) (continue to Getting Friendly With Kate)
Who’s Serving [1 step] Wider, Wider! [1 step] Wishing For A Baloon Whisk – 4 steps (complete) Wow! Special Guests! [5 steps]

Check out my other post about >> Quests that you can do in-a-row << too guys! ^^

Team ILC on PATI Games

  1. Wa bolong” jadinya hihihi

  2. Ko nin keyeenn …. trs update yaks infonya … sangat terbantu ama share nya.

  3. this is so useful; thank you for taking the time to complete and put these together 🙂

  4. makasih yah 🙂

  5. how to visit the sakura’s zen cafe in the sakura’s zen cafe quest 1/10?

  6. It’s very helpful, Thank you. ^^

  7. Thank you. Have a nice day 🙂

  8. KoNin..,, may i ask u’re. LINE id? Thanx 🙂

  9. gimana cara nyelesaiin quest kevin flower yang visit kevin’s flower coffee ? toloong 😥

    • Dari coffee shop, tap pojok kiri bawah (gbr shadow boy/girl) lalu tap di gbr “seperti papan tulis” (shadow boy/girl lagi), Lalu ke Theme Cafe (tap di situ), Lalu cari yg namanya “Flower Cafe” dan ada nama Kevin di bawah nya. Good luck! ^__^)9

  10. from the quest in search of the real sata..
    the 13rd of the quest, what to do with regular customer?

  11. thank you but I’ve finished it i had to wait for icon !? i guess there are many bugs after the last update
    merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    • Yes I do think so, Not every words on the new quests are correct. They have still typos. Luckyly the new “Good Deeds” daily task is working well 🙂

      Thank you molly, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year too~ have a great holiday season!

  12. KoNin… can u give me a few ID LINE from ur friend list on ILC..
    I want more friend with big lvl…. hohoho,, yoyoyo… thanx 先生 (sensei) 🙂

  13. Pls add me on level 48 ILC, ID:ratnalia2679. Need your help to tap my coffee makers, since everyone interested on the coffee roaster only. But I need it to finish a quest. Thank you too for creating this blog, helps me finished quests faster.

  14. Daniel Billyanto

    halo nino.makasi blog nya,panduan i love coffee terlengkap hahaha
    kemaren aku bikin grup line i love coffe,baru 3hari an
    add id ku ya, *******85
    level 50
    sama ni mau tambahin update street charm untuk miss wang

    wellcome to america
    your tall and pretty like model
    whe also have a sobyan late
    are you from china
    i like your hair accesories
    red loks good on you

    baru ada yg itu hahaha

  15. Hi guys!!
    what about Cold Urban Girl quest?

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