Charms & Special Guest Order

ILC - Greet

Welcome to my I Love Coffee Charms & Special Guest Order page . . .
Here you can find all about my archived convos from the Street Charm with passing pedestrian outside our coffee shop and of course the Special Guest charms (either it’s street charm or sit charm), btw I’m not a PATI games employee so forgive me if the lists are not 100% complete, I gather all the convos from many sources, some of them are actually self experiences while playing I Love Coffee game on my device, Cheers & Enjoy!

Special Guests – Charms & Orders
Smart Girl - 01Smart Girl Private Sam 01Private Sam
Indieband Vocal 02Indieband Vocal Cartoonist - 02Cartoonist
Frat Boy 02Frat Boy Princess Wannabe 01Princess Wannabe
E.T Girl 01E.T Girl Himiko - 01Himiko
Little Princess - 01Little Princess
The Special Guest Charms & Special Guest Orders posted on this page (sub-page) are proudly presented to you by my lovely ILC friend from Thailand “Issie Rabbit a.k.a. Taiy” ^__^
  1. Pretty Mocha Latte from Little Princess
    2 shots
    Milk 35cc
    Temperature 60
    Mocha syrup 3 shots
    Topping chocolate

  2. Add 3 more characters. Snow Boarde, Miss Wang and Lazy Part-timer. :3

  3. Catch Me Frank, Snow Boarde, Miss Wang and Lazy Part-timer. :3

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