I ♥ Coffee

I Love Coffee game on LINE by PATI Games (Studio)

ok! I’ve been hooked to the game this past few months now, I know how it feels when you’re doing a quest on this game and get tricked by it haha! for that I would like to share with you all (I Love Coffee players) out there what me & my I Love Coffee friends know about this game; about the quests, the recipes, the charms on special guest, the tips & tricks and all the lattes with ice blend that you can get…here haffa zip! Buttoms Up ^^

Table Of Contents
questFirst Café questSecond Café questOctober Daily questDecember Daily
Tips & Tricks Coffee Beans Table Charms & Special Guest Order I Love Coffee News
Line IDs You Can Invite
(for daily/weekly special rewards)
A Conversation With Santa N9’s ILC Blog Neighbor
♥ Coffee Drunker Is A Good Lover ♥


  1. xxxI love coffee fan

    There is a new thing where your neighbours gifts u unroasted coffee beans what is it about? ?

  2. Hi Nino, we just logged onto the game and got a notification that players at level 60 can choose between “EXP Reset” and “EXP Save”. If choosing EXP Save, the player will keep EXP but get no reward, and max level is 65. If choosing EXP Reset, player will get a Level 60 Trophy, 10 Cash, and 10000 Beans. BUT that will reset EXP to 0. Do you know anything about this? If EXP is reset this way will a player lose the second cafe, items, or stars on coffee tests etc.? We are worried about resetting.

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