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A Word Puzzle Will Free Your Mind

I’ve received a “Broadcast Message” on my  BlackBerry™ and the content is:

Fill in the blanks:
1. Boo_s
2. _ _ndom
3. F_ _ k
4. P_ n_s
5. Pu_s_

Ahhh…It’s a word game…a puzzle…woohoo \o/

At first I was not too interested to follow the instructions & play this word puzzle (got some errands to do), but then…

l felt challenged and my brain tells me: “Common’ think man! Does your brain only filled with dirty words, wash the words man!” LOL

So…I did it!

Here are my answers:
1. Boots
2. Random
3. Folk
4. Pinus
5. Pulse

Anda guess what? My answers was not bad after all, because the true answers are:
1. Books
2. Random
3. Fork
4. Pants
5. Pulse

Well, it’s just a word puzzle (psycho test) after all. Things to do when you have spared time but it can lecture you and make you think “out side the box” ;b

Can you do better? Can you pushed your brain to think and find other words? Let’s see..FREE YOUR MIND

Free Your Mind

Hello world!

This is my first post. It’s already made by

So I’m ‘na use this space to write a lil’ bit about me…Here goes…

Born in the fifth of September on an island called Biak – West of Papua. Grew up there and then at Tembagapura, Ujung Pandang, Palu, Jakarta, Bandung, MIC (Margaasih Indah Cimahi) – Indonesia…Anak Seribu Pulau / One Thousand Island’s Son…maybe…but most definitely I AM THE PRODIGAL SON!!!



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