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A Conversation With Santa

For I Love Coffee LINE players,

Here are some of the conversations you can made (the correct ones) with Santa in front of your Coffee Shop this Christmas season. I believe many of you already have the correct answer else where, but for the sake of the Christmas spirit I would like to contribute too~ Ho Ho Ho! 😀

Santa’s Street Charm
Santa Street Charm (1) Santa Street Charm (2)
Santa Street Charm (3) Santa Street Charm (4)
Santa Street Charm (5) Santa Street Charm (6)

There you have it, hope this post helpful and useful ^__^)9
Ho Ho Ho!


Oh and don’t forget to check my ILC complete Quest list here  Or you can check for Tips/Tricks and other ILC related stuffs here.
Thanks to SMRT for the Santa Convo SS.

Heartfelt Chocolate Sticks


Ho Ho Ho! Please Christmas Don’t Be Late . . . Ho Ho Ho!
The new set of quests welcoming x’mas on I Love Coffee is here!
Check out the 10 steps that will give you a Special Reward guys . . .

Heartfelt Chocolate Sticks Special RewardGood luck doing all of the 10 steps dear I Love Coffee Roasters abuser :p
Have a Merriest Chistmas and Season’s Greetings from “Your Friendly Neighborhood” N9 :D~
Du’Ohhh…I Almost forgot >_< Here’s the link to all of those 10 steps…Yippeee~


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