Dear, Blog plagiarist out there . . .

These 2 quests from “Ruby’s 5-color Vintage café” are the preview & example for my watermark on

From now on I will use this format of watermark:

Ruby's 5-color Vintage Café [1-2]Ruby's 5-color Vintage Café [2-2]

For any 『I ♥ COFFEE』 blog plagiarist out there please have fun clone stamping the screen capture that I’ve posted on my blog.

Don’t use the sentence “Helping Others” and the word “Hobby” as an excuse. If ya wanna copy paste the screen captures include the source from where you got it.

Your noob photoshop clone stamp skill traces are everywhere b*tch! Even an old monkey with a blurry sight can saw it.

I mean come onnnn! Don’t cha have ideas? Can you even produce an idea inside yer brain to create an original I Love Coffee blog? Why so similar with my pages? Why you have so many photos/pictures that are coming from my blog? HAHA…Dumbass!

(Actually, I don’t mind sharing screen captures if you asked nicely *you do can communicate as an educated human being rite?* and not just copy my blog bare naked) Vice Versa! I can do the same thing to you too!

Last but not least here’s one sentence fo’ ya:


Kona The Plagiator

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