[Oct 8th ’13] LINE App. New Free Stickers

It is time for this week new free stickers on LINE App.

here are the list, now go and get it, they’re giving away free ones from 4 countries so far; Taiwan, Turkey, Japan & Thailand 😉

TOYOTA ALTIS Q Edition – Taiwan (180 days)

Kurban Bayram Special Stickers
Kurban Bayram - Kiss Hand Kurban Bayram - Iyi Bayranlar!
Kurban Bayram - Angpao Kurban Bayram - Meals

Kurban Bayram Special Stickers – Turkey (No Expire)

FANTA Halloween Stickers
Fanta Halloween - Hi Fanta Halloween - Pu! Pu!
Fanta Halloween - Handstand Fanta Halloween - Pumpkin

FANTA Halloween Stickers – Japan (180 days)

GEKIOCHI Festival!
Gekiochi - OK! Gekiochi - Flaming
Gekiochi - LOL Gekiochi - Sorry

GEKIOCHI Festival! – Japan (180 days)

Scrubbing Bubbles Bubble-Kun
Bubble-Kun - OK! Bubble-Kun - Sorry
Bubble-Kun - Laugh Bubble-Kun - Thank You!!

Scrubbing Bubbles Bubble-Kun – Japan (180 days)

Fly Fly Fly With Me … Bangkok Airways
Bangkok Airways - Good Morning Bangkok Airways - Love Love
Bangkok Airways - Hi-Five Bangkok Airways - Good Night

Fly Fly Fly With Me … Bangkok Airways – Thailand (90 days)

Puccho-Kun Days – Japan (180 days)

Best Regards,


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