[Oct 1st ’13] LINE App. New Free Stickers

Welcoming October with the new free stickers fest from LINE App. Yeahhh boys & cuties…without further a-do here are the LINE up…
*get it? “LINE up” x)) haha!

Shopping Panda
Shopping Panda - Kanpaii Shopping Panda - Heart
Shopping Panda - Poke Shopping Panda - Shopping Free

Shopping Panda – Japan (180 days)

eyecity x Secret Society Eagle Talon – Japan (180 days)

Panda & Penguin ! – Hongkong (90 days)

LINE Halloween Special
LINE Halloween Special - Trick Or Treat LINE Halloween Special - Grimm Reaper
LINE Halloween Special - Pirate LINE Halloween Special - Witch
LINE Halloween Special - Ninja LINE Halloween Special - Jester
LINE Halloween Special - Fairy LINE Halloween Special - Happy Halloween

LINE Halloween Special – All Region (180 days)

Jetta from Jetstar – Japan (180 days)

Mitsubishi All New Colt Plus
Mitsubishi - Camel Car Mitsubishi - Tired
Mitsubishi - Question Marks Mitsubishi - Pelican Car

Mitsubishi All New Colt Plus – Taiwan (180 days)

Brazilian Moon Special – Brazil (No Expire)

Chocolatos - Lutuuuu Chocolatos - Mas Bu Loh
Chocolatos - Galau Chocolatos - Cemungudh!
Chocolatos - Loe Gue End! Chocolatos - OTW!

Chocolatos – Indonesia (90 days)

Besharam – India (180 days)

The special one are from PEPSI (but you have to purchase PEPSI in the Land of the Rising Sun, yep! In Japan minna-san! These free stickers list below are active on store start from today (Oct 1st, 2013) ^_^v

PEPSI SPECIAL × LINE Characters – Japan (1 year)

Cony: Special Edition PEPSI ver.  – Japan (1 year)

Brown: Special Edition PEPSI ver. – Japan (1 year)

Moonʹs Dieting Special PEPSI ver. – Japan (1 year)

Moon: Special Edition PEPSI ver. – Japan (1 year)

Have a great October boys & cuties ^.^v

Cheers & Best Regards!


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