[Sep 17th ’13] LINE App. New Free Stickers

OH my! This week I think LINE App. is a lil’ bit generous with the new free stickers collections. They pop 3 from Japan, 1 from Taiwan, 1 from Malaysia, 1 from Hongkong, 2 from India, 1 from Italy, 2 from Thailand and to top it all 2 from Turkey. Owwweee..Here are the list guys, now go and get ’em all if you can *Dr. Evil Grin* >:D mwahahaha!

Biteki-ko’s Beautiful Clinique Life – Japan

Black Swan – Japan

Tsukiji Ginjiro
Tsukiji Ginjiro - Ballerina Tsukiji Ginjiro - はひ
Tsukiji Ginjiro - なっ Tsukiji Ginjiro - Thumbs Up

Tsukiji Ginjiro – Japan

Miss Fruit & SweetChi play Baseball – Taiwan

Happy Dragon 100,000 Whys
Happy Dragon - Indifferent Happy Dragon - Laugh
Happy Dragon - OK! Happy Dragon - Chu

Happy Dragon 100,000 Whys – Malaysia

Enjoy Good Life!
Enjoy Good Life - Cheese Enjoy Good Life - Good Enjoy Good Life - Saturday Night Fever

Enjoy Good Life! – Hongkong

Brown & Cony in KBank world
KBAnk - Piggy Bank KBAnk - Empty Wallet
KBAnk - ATM KBAnk - 0 Balance
KBAnk - Mortgage KBAnk - OK!

Brown & Cony in KBank world – Thailand

AE-chan & ON-kun – Thailand

Chacha Chaudhary & Gang
Chacha Chaudhary & Gang - Wave Chacha Chaudhary & Gang - Car Chacha Chaudhary & Gang - Cricket
Chacha Chaudhary & Gang - Umbrella Chacha Chaudhary & Gang - Mad Chacha Chaudhary & Gang - Thumbs Up

Chacha Chaudhary & Gang – India

Phata Poster Nikla Hero
Phata Poster Nikla Hero - OK Phata Poster Nikla Hero - No No
Phata Poster Nikla Hero - Innocent Phata Poster Nikla Hero - Ha Ha Ha Ha

Phata Poster Nikla Hero – India

Moon: Italia Edizione Speciale
Moon - Ti Prego Moon - Wink Moon - Fork & Knive
Moon - Ti Uccido! Moon - Brainless Moon - Blow Kiss

Moon: Italia Edizione Speciale – Italy

additional free stickers (this week)
Sally: Special Edition – Turkey

Cony’s Happy Work Life – Turkey

Best Regards

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