[Sep 11th ’13] LINE App. New Free Stickers

Yeeeep! LINE App. back again giving away several new stickers this week, they have 2 sports theme for this week: Tennis (Rafa Nadal) and Baseball (Japan Women’s Baseball League)

Here are the list (and some of editor’s pick stickers preview) for the latest LINE App. new free stickers:

Flavor Sticker – Japan


Japan Women’s Baseball League Stickers!
JPN WBL - Cheer JPN WBL - Bench

Japan Women’s Baseball League Stickers! – Japan

Tatung Boy – Taiwan

Rafa Nadal
Nadal - Hola Nadal - Love Hug

Rafa Nadal – Turkey

Rafa Nadal – Spain

Moderna de Pueblo
Moderna - Buenos Dias Moderna - Meow

Moderna de Pueblo – Spain

Lil’ SnapPea – China

Chocola baby Basic Edition – japan

owkies, until the next update. For now…check all of those cool stickers out on your nearest Sticker’s Shop LINE Sticker lovers ;D


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