[Sep 5th ’13] LINE App. New Paid Stickers

Hello again LINE Sticker lovers!

5 new paid stickers on LINE App. today…

D23 Sorcerer Mickey & Friends
Donald Duck - Wizard [Yatta!] Mickey Mouse - Wizard Donald Duck - Wizard

D23 Sorcerer Mickey & Friends – line://shop/detail/1146

Mofy Part2 – line://shop/detail/1144

Patalliro! – line://shop/detail/1145

Thomas & Friends – line://shop/detail/1148

Chibi Chibi Maruko Chan
Chibi Chibi Maruko Chan - Confetti Chibi Chibi Maruko Chan - Thumbs Up

Chibi Chibi Maruko Chan – line://shop/detail/1147

*I don’t provide active hyper extension link for line://

There you have it, hope this post is useful for all of you LINE sticker lovers out there…Yattaaaaa~!

Best Regards,


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